Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I recollect the times of yore.

I recollect the times of yore
I lament through my fate
A friendship, which you tore
That I fostered since eight

I see an open volume
As I sprawl down to rest
Moments flip profusely
Moments… all but the best.

Its perplexing ,this game
Changes are not evident
All seems the same
Yet, all seems different ….
The daisy’s wear the same smiles
The dew gives the same sparkle
We have walked miles and miles
Though in opposite directions,
I have looked back at times
Only to feel your cold absence.


I walk by the shore,
I recollect; the path I last trailed
I look at the twinkling core,
I retrospect; the hope that I failed
I hear the countless waves, revealing their plight
They are bounded to die, yet they fight.
I respire; to reignite the solitary spark,
That set ablaze the darkest night.
I admire the birds, sneaking from their spy,
They live on mercy, yet they fly.
I repent; for giving up,
On my cherished dreams
I reassure; my soul of surmounting another height
Faster than the swiftest waves, higher than the valiant birds
I relive; myself for tranquility, optimism and light.

The treasured Morning.

Over the oceans, past the mountains
Eclipsing the murky night,
Revealing the secrets so dark
Sneaking stealthily through my casement
Breaking the silence of the night
Appeared the morning light.

Trees were adorned with snow white,
Birds were chirping on the mighty of heights
The air was whistling a song so fine
The morning seemed to be all mine,
The sun rested triumphantically
On its dawning throne
The misty meadows unveiled a picture
Ever so unknown.
The dale smiled radiantly
Upon the vivacious blossoms
The graceful brook
Made it look, all the more awesome.

I desired to capture this vista
Forever in my eyes
It seems to be the most precious jewel
In the treasure of my life,
But all I have is a pleasant memory
Of that quaint morning
That dawned upon me
Illuminating, the darkest of all nights

I the Brook

I sprawl on my quiescent stony cradle,
I bare my bosom to the unrelenting heaven
I behold the merciless star; turn me to gold
I adore the darkness; spill its silvery kindness
Stealing the warmth, that seems age old.

I dread the winds, trailing wreckage,
I revere the solitary guardian;
Enduring the inherited malice ,
I envy life sailing on my musical waves
Anticipating a clearer firmament,
Caught between the blue raves
I gush on the dike, like a countless serpent
With a trance to freedom, buried and incessant
I roar loud and clear,
I weep without a tear
I plead, I beg, I fear
But my existence is stated
So I was, I am and will live here…


Through the somber path of fear,
over the crowded pavement,
past the dreaded lanes of dispair,
I'v been walking.

Seems as if its been ages,
my legs too tired to walk,
my soul wants to quit the battle,
but my feet fail to stop.
I lift my stoned ankle,
to take another step,
my eyes search for a destination,
which seems drowned in the winds.

The storm tries to engulf me,the road also conspires
to stop my journey midway,and curb my desires,
My shadow also deserts me,
and leaves me numb and bare,
But, my conviction whispers cautiously,
Look, your almost there!

I want to look back and recollect,
the valleys i'v wandered through.
but the path ahead is bewildering,
and moments left too few,
Iv travelled through autum,
and walked over the scorching dust,
Iv waded through filthy puddles,
and waited for the snow to rest,

Seems as if its been ages,
Now, I see a distant light,
which sparkles in the horizon,and replenishes back my life.
My pace does fasten, by a step or two,
And I leap towards the unknown,
which seems all but true....


Anxious and eager;
I sprawl besides the door,
Awaiting thy arrival.
The passage looks dim and dark;
And silent angels do embark
Warming the cradle; for you.

At last, the silence shatters
And darkness fades
The angles begin to beam
Your first wail enlightens my being
As family starts to scream

My moist eyes;
Capture your tenderness,
As you sleep in solitary peace,
Your breath smells of a thousand roses,
In you resides my only dream.

Your petite hands;
Embrace my future,
As I picture you;
Shouldering my age’s burden.

You’re my hope, my verve my vision;
You stir my subsistence,
As ripples in torpid water
You’re my blessing,
You are my shadow,
You’re my life, my daughter.

The Land called Kashmir

Decades ago; so to call,
The crystal shone on the mountain wall,
As it heated up the quiescent vale
And gushed over the icy pail;
The fragrance spilled in the air
To greet this divine land so rear;
Its sons did sweat and toil
Through the secured days;
And slept under the starry blanket
Without a guarding mace.

Years trickled stealthily;
Cursing peace’s abode
Kin turned traitors;
And a new anthem they composed;
They called it their own haven
And drew boundaries to hearts
Made trespassing a felony
Slaughtered a body to parts.

Decades have passed
The crystal still shines;
The vale rises; yet every dawn
But to shroud a daughter; son to moan
The brook still tides
Over the rocky slope
But the water has changed shade
And its youth has eloped,
It knows every morning
A widow shall arrive
And grieve her partner’s gruesome demise

I sit close to this crown;
Once bejeweled, now trounced;
It screams for freedom; frets for peace
Bleeds silently; awaits relief
But the two nations incessantly;
Claw over this opulent meal
The plea remains constant
Coz’ bruised egos are hard to heal.

There is a stranger in your mirror

There is a stranger in your mirror,
Pretending to be you
Approached by horror
Fancied by a few

The ominous hours, haul into variance
Marring you to death
Until the buried forte, carts towards the split
Where you freeze offended
As the sweet wine of youth, clots beneath the pulse
Exposing the demon, all for once
Abandoning the plaintive draught
Soon, the pretender, the stranger you saw
Exiles into the blur
And you build a novel tomorrow
Lucid, beaming and sure.

Fading Moments

I watch the alluring twinkle,
In the star studded heaven.
Flaunting it splendor to me.
But all that I ogle is that solitary sparkle
Which flashes so radiantly

In the blue expanse,
Dwells the lively glint
Assertive, charismatic and magnificent.
But Alas! I dread a shadow so black
eclipsing my paradise.
Snatching my heaven, my stars, my dreams
All before my very eyes.

A pall of murkiness descends on me,
Was it my fate, luck or destiny?
All is gone, nothing left to be
But anguish, grief and agony

The loss of that dazzling star is irrevocable,
Which soared beyond all limits,
I shall not let it die unwept, unsung
But bequeath an existence so incessant.
So that all may shine as the brightest star
In their dreams, their life and their heaven.....

The Morning Bride

The trousseau well fitted and tried;
For the morning bride,
Her hands lay bare the finest art;
Silently following the dawn,
She shall depart.

Myriad dreams hem in her heart;
Bashful lashes conceal that spark;
For she traverses thy threshold,
With memoirs warm and old.
Abandoning behind an era,
In anticipation of a lifetime.

The bride enlightens her new abode,
Countering a new hope; on a new road;
Timid and fretful, she reclines;
Awaiting the promises to turn divine;
Dire thoughts grasp her by the hand;
Hauling towards a tormented land.

Over the decades;
The beauty fades and hope tires
A mortal remains; the bride retires,
Becomes a mother, a daughter, a wife,
Wanders through varied stages in her life,
With each year that follows;
She retrospect’s the hollows;
But all she recalls is a smoldering dream;
Searing from her bejeweled palanquin.
As the world craftily ignited;
Her maiden desire,
Decades ago, on her nuptial pyre.