Sunday, April 20, 2008


'Thought of mending it all... But it wasn't possible bending it all... So I let it be as it is, the best thing to do was ending it all'...
A couplet one of my frds wrote.. just randomly.. but it appealed to me .. so Just thought of putting it down..

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Smile.. it just makes it all so easy!

Im Happy,
coz I have lived , the most beautiful moments of my life,
I am Happy,
coz i have filled the vaccume of my life,
I am Happy,
coz I have overcome the inexplicable feeling, I thought I could never deal with,
I am Happy,
coz my family loves me more dan the world,
I am Happy,
Coz people appreciate my work,
I am Happy,
Coz my close ones adore me for who I am.
Its easy to grumble and crib, even easier to blame it on fate..
But Iv learnt my lessons.. the hard way..
That life gives you loads.. watch out.. and make the most of it.. everyday!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Home Coming..

A couple of years ago.. when I was a normal rebellious ' I am always right' teenager , I had decided that I must go out of Chandigarh and experience the 'real' world coz ,I am not learning much here and dere is so much to see.. so much to explore. Years ran thru and finally it was time to bid adieu. I had got admission in one of the leading colleges of the country and was going to shift to Pune for the next two years to do my Post Graduation.

I did know ,that after this I was never going to live at home the way I have been .. forever.. but the feeling did not sink in.. so it was all said and nothin felt at dat moment..

I flew to Pune with loads of dreams, hopes and aspirations in my heart and self confidence which had no bounds..

Life seemed all great for the first few months.. then things changed.. life moved on too fast.. people came and went.. touching my life in sum way.. but somehow I just found myself standing on the same crossroad. waiting to be led.. That was the time I knew I had to take charge..and So I did..

I missed home like never before.. small things like the pansy in my garden and the pen holder over my study shelf...

The only thing that motivated me to work was that I'll be going home soon..

and so it happened.. I finally got to go back..

Homee.. the place where I was born.. which gave me warmth during the chilly winter months.. it sheltered me from the lashing waters.. the merciless sun and shielded me from the big bad world..

Now. having experienced the best and worst of both the worlds I can very confidently state that for me there is no place like home.. it has given me the most beautiful and comfortable moments of my life.. just that I had taken them for granted for all these years ...