Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A step or two

You think and then think again. When the world stops for a second and you are pulled back into time, like a tornado of emotions gripping you by the arm, clutching your reluctant elbow and taking you back .. down memory lane.. where you giggle past every laughter like the butterfly that smiles over the sunflowers,wipe over every tear drop like the flowing trousseau of a bride walking down the aisle, eve drop at every secret we kept in the hollow nights and forbidden days and silently walk past every moment of nothingness.
I am being swept away with this tornado. Its taking me back to the past two years of my life. As I am stepping past something which I thought would be journey that would never end.. A quest for something I would never acheive or a battle against an opponent that never existed, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. I maynot detail out what it means to me.. but there has surely been a transformation. The 104 weeks have competently changed a naive.. protected girl into a somewhat mature individual, who is set to get what she wants in life.
The past 24 months have not just given me a direction, relationships, hope, a heartbreak, sensibility, maturity ,745 photograps but countless precious memories. From the sleepy mornings, to the hungry afternoons and drunk nights.. the days have been eventful.
I can look back and close my eyes as they well up with a tear or two.. but I do know,that I need to take a few more steps ..into another lane.. silent and undiscovered.