Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Never Expect! This is one thing that every mother, every mentor, every lover, every guardian preaches their loved ones.. It is something that would be the ultimate ' enlightenment' for a tame soul. But when one gives it a deep thought, it is something which is the hardest to achieve, it is another name to attaining salvation. Why I say so is quite obvious, its something you get when uleave behind a lot of your materialistic persuits, when you become content.

SOmetimes, it is best to be neutral about things. They say, Be Positive all the time, but no matter how hard you try, its circumstantially and humanly impossible to do so. You are demoralised at so many instances , feel low, and at that time some one saying .. Oh! Come on! Be Positive! is surely not a welcome suggestion! So eventually , you realise that it is best to be neutral about a lot of things in life, do not have a vision of the outcome or try and fathom the happiness or despair it would bring eventually. This would make you more complacent and patient about things and sometimes, the happiness you get when you achieve that one most 'unexpected' thing would know no bounds! and that would be the concept of ' unexpectation' .. I like the word iv coined:)