Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Thousand miles

With a thousand dreams in my eyes,
And motivation worth a diamond,
I set out in the open skies,
To change the world from my end,
But as I drew nearer to the cause,
My hopes came crashing down,
These tiny souls, I wanted to relieve
Had forgotten to tilt their frown.

Learning ABC was a distant thought,
They had left behind their will to live,
Their sun rises by the lonely pathway,
Forcing itself into a humiliating day,
It halts to relish a slice of rotten bread,
And folds into a dark evening,
It silently curls up every night, into a sombre prayer,
And dries off stealthily, with silent salty tears…

I wish I could change it all,
But all I could do was try, to help them own a life again,
And be an innocent child,
But all I could do, was learn a lesson myself,
Profound, agonising yet true,
That life is not always as beautiful…
Time is plenty, but moments are very few.