Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How deep is your end of the pool?

Life pushes everyone into the 'deep end' of the pool, but the chances of survival are determined either by the acquired skill ( swimming) or the hereditary attribute (height) you possess. Use one of them to your advantage quickly or you are bound
to drown, evaluating
the 'depth', other people are struggling through.

No ones life is perfect, wish it would be. Each of us are consumed by issues, big or small that comfortably take most of our life. At no point in time would our life be free of problems or drams because if that happens, then either there are not enough things you have to keep you involved or not enough people who matter to you, not enough decisions awaiting your verdict or not enough ambitions to push you through. In a normal world,whatever the case be, we are always faced with things that keep our minds occupied, that give us sleepless nights and eventually make us happy.

We live our life thinking, why me? why did this have to happen to me... but what we forget is that the person sitting next to you in the tram, or a movie theatre or in office has exactly the same cloud of thoughts. We compare our lives with others, creating a few more 'issues' for ourselves, intentionally oblivious of the fact, that each person has a set of people and goals which he or she has to achieve and to do that they have to struggle. What differentiates people at this stage is how wisely they use this opportunity to their advantage.

When life throws a question at you, then you have two ways to answer it. One is to use your skills that God packaged you with, be it physical, mental or emotional characteristics. fully exploit them because you cant possibly donate them after you die. Or acquire skills which will give you the wisdom to answer these questions correctly. Read, talk, interact, observe, practice and do everything it takes to polish them and emerge out successful. This theory is applicable in the simplest or toughest of situations, to the youngest or the eldest and to the richest or the poorest.

We have choices and then we have opportunities disguised as choices. We have the skill and we have ambition, what runs out is the time. So before you drown looking at someone else, who is maybe taller or a better swimmer than you are, hone your skills and reach the other end safely,because you are bound to be pushed... and unfortunately life does not push you in with a warning or a swimming tube.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lets challenge the challenge!

Taking up a new challenge is like tasting a new cocktail.. either you would love it and know a new drink..or you wont like it, yet, become a drink wiser :)... take a risk today, before someone else does... who knows you might become an ace bartender one day...

Someone once told me that out of a 100, there are only 5% leaders and 95% workers. What distinguishes them is not the experience or the dedication, but the ability to take risk. In a situation, where both the 'kinds' of people are faced with a challenge to take up, or make a decision, the most likely event would be that the worker would either ignore it as not being a part of his routine, or not be game enough to give it a thought,as it would drag him out of his comfort zone. On the contrary, a leader will jump at such an opportunity as he loves doing things which are out of the square, not regular.. that no one has done, or has done differently and there exists an opportunity to give it a new dimension... and that courage to try the 'unknown' will make him one point more successful, richer and wiser than the worker.

In the span of time, as the leader keeps accumulating these points, he rises so high up in the ladder, that the distance and designation between him and the worker becomes evident and enviable. But what the worker and the onlookers forget, it that this has been created not because the leader kept stepping up the ladder dubiously, but because the worker did not take up any opportunity to fill in this distance and take a step forward.

In life, you stand on this threshold a lot of times, and personally, I consider myself lucky to be in such a situation, where I have to take a decision, involving risk, because that implies that the gain will be more as well, its no different from a game at your favourite casino. Each of us gets this chance to take the plunge.Either we take it, not 'unknowingly' but after careful consideration or crib about it and the upcoming 'change' life is about to bring. I am not implying that the decision will be 'easy' in any way, it would bring along insecurity, loss, impatience,discomfort. and stepping into the 'unknown'.. but what you have to look at it is the long term benefit, the success it will bring. It will get you an accolade of being man enough to try something different in life and the worst that can happen is that you find yourself in the same spot where you started from.But, that will never be the case, because like I said, you will surely be more wiser, stronger, knowledgeable and one point up on the success ladder.

To sum it up, just like a new cocktail, where you don't know how it will taste, yet you know the ingredients individually ,In life, you don't know what will happen tomorrow, yet you know that ingredients like hard work, patience, skill, knowledge and common sense will earn you the brownie points you want... all you need to have is an appetite for 'success'.