Thursday, May 20, 2010


Change is the only constant in your life... It is as constant as the snow on the higest mountain peak, negativity in the mind of a pessimist, food in the hand of a binge and faith in the soul of a believer..

Yet.. Transition is something we rarely welcome.. it is one aspect we avoid, refrain from talking about and run away from indulging in.. because transistion brings with itself flexibility, a new outlook, discomfort and a lot of self relalisation.. and none of us would want to abandon our comfort blanket and go all out in the cold..

I have been experiencing transition lately.. in both my personal and professional life.. and the discomfort has brought me here.. because I have been looking for a platform to express it for a while.. but havnt really got the time for it.. So here I am.. In a phase of transition just scribbing a few things down...

Professionally.. Well I Do love My joB..and thats one of the reasons I always have a big smile on my face no matter How hard the day has been and how messy the next one is expected to be.. Panic and Frustration have given me company throughout but never in the propotion of me disliking my work.. So I continue to be hardworking employee.. for whom work takes priority.. over everything else.. and Today, as I come close to completing one whole year in the organisation, I do realise the importance of putting in every iota of the effort, because it has definately made me learn things.. but as things begin to change in an organisation.. with the rule of perpetual succession applies here.. people come and go.. pursuing personal goals and objectives.. Yet.. you remain limited to your own struggle.. although everyone says this.. including one of my collegues who has decided to move on that its the work that matters and not the people.. but for me it will always be the people who affect me as they fall in the ambit of my immediate external environment and control my work routine, perception , how my day begins, how it ends and everything in between.. You surely tel people that you are still as passionate about your work .. but then.. deep down .. you feel the passion dying down.. which bothers me a lot.. because I want to mantain what I have to do.. effectively and efficiently at all times.. Thats supposed to be my golden rule.. which I am deviating from now..


Talking about the personal transition.. yes.. there is some.. although its just the beginning.. and there is a long way to go as I tranform from just a girl lost in her own world.. to being a wife, a daughter in law.. and a family person.. The thought of it sounds bewildering at times, taken the commitment and responisbility it takes,. but then just like every other phase in my life and the justice I have done to it.. it is but imperitive for me to devote myself to this transition as well. A lot of times, have I thought.. of the need to make sacrifices, to cook, take care of family, be responsible.. yes.. the question did pop up .. why? I dont know all this.. But then.. now.. as I draw closer to reality, I ask myself! would I want to just let this phase go and not do what is asked for me just because I have never done it before? and I get a promot reply! No ways.. it is important for my to excel in this test as well, because it not just reflects on the person I am but also what my upbringing has been.. Bringing in values to the family, keeping in well knit with all the love and care and bring a smile on everyones face with the love and warmth would be a few exmples I have promised myself I will live By..

Yes, transition is difficult.. It is tough to leave behind 24 years of your life for something you have never experienced.. but taking risks and gambling is always fun as it brings spice to your life.. and you will never regret not doing something!!! So I close my eyes.. take a deep breath and tell myelf.. Go Shrink Go!! its going to be a journey of a lifetime!