Friday, March 19, 2010

Let Me Hold your Hand

Let me hold your hand as we go downhill,
We’ve shared our strength and we share it still.
It hasn’t been easy to make the climb,
But the way was eased by your hand in mine.
Like the lake, our life has had ripples too,
Ill-health, and worries, and payments due,
With happy pauses along the way.
At the foot of the slope, we will stop and rest,
Look back, if you wish; we’ve been truly blessed,
We’ve been spared the grief of being torn apart
By death, or divorce, or a broken heart.
The view ahead is one of the best,
Just a little bit farther, and then we can rest.
We move more slowly, but together still,
Let me hold your hand as
We go

:) this was the first piece of writing that inspired me.. to pen down something interesting.. and today as i write my old verses.. its only fair that i make a mention of this beautifully written poem.. Quite true to what I feel:)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There is Something New!

Its not too often that I am in a mood like this.. a bit contemplative and somewhat reactive.. very calm, yet terpid with the introspection within.. Its like one of those expensive cocktails on the menu that sounds like a fancy concoction of various spirits and flavours.. but is just a plan mix of some aspirations, happiness, deception and loads of hope for sure.. to have a better 'next moment' thats because we think short time a lot of times!

Well, why I am here is a diffrent reason though.. i SUDDENLY remembered my long lost blog.. who used to be my friend at times.. with whom i used to talk with and spill out secrets to my hearts content! but just like any other selfish individual I forgot about it as my life picked up pace and started to tread a new path! But here I am.. resting for a while.. as I have been walking too fast for the past few months! Stopped to think, to absorb smile... and then maybe take the next step.. :)

So.. well, Iv noticed that iv started using this word too much (so).. thanks to a person who has taught me a lot . its funny how you learn so much from everyone around you without even realising the worth of the lesson! Sometimes you are grateful for it when you get rewarded for the consequence of the implementation , yet sometimes you are disgusted by the unwanted learning! for me it has been positive so far.. and I am HAPPY.. I state that in Capitals because that is the most important thing at the end of the day.. no matter how gruesome, tough, easy, bewildering or smooth your journey has been, what you remember is the feeling you had when you took the last step.. Its not the last step for me though. So ya ( look the 'so' comes again!)

I was elaborating on what I have learnt from this person. One.. you realise your true commitment, like we say.. till you push the limits you never know how far can you go.. similarly.. sometimes.. you do not realise how giving and caring.. how emotional. There is not much I can explain on this,, but then.. all I would want to say is.. have you ever closed your eyes and seen an unending ocean, with a beautiful vibgyor arising from the horizon! If not.. then you are just short of pushing the 'limit' try once again.. :)

One instant can change your life.. sometimes when you dont want to do something as badly as a kid not wanting to sit for his mathematics paper, or going to the dentist the next morning and innocently praying to God for him to fall sick .. yet its that very thing which brings sureal happiness to your life,, and you think and then think again as to how close were you to losing this smile on your face and losing this dream of the vast blue expanse! and then you sit back and smile again.. being happy on the decision you took!
Back to where I was.. What has this 'new' person taught me? besides giving me a little more motivation, some magical moments, loads of memories and a handful of tears! he has given me the ability to 'push the limit' and see myself in a different light.. a new confident and more secure person.. but then i wonder! was I that weak and that i needed sumone to come and show me who I really am! Lets not go there.. lets just settle for the simple reason that just like every diamond needs to be carefully chisled to make it a masterpiece ;P.. i needed this new 'entry' and encouragement!:D to bring out my true self!
When life changes, it wipes out your past, cleans your expectations for the future.. It just takes you, holding you strongly by the hand and helps you walk confidently along the new road he has carved out for you ... it gives you opportunites, guides you patiently and at the same time tests you religiously! so.. we just need to believe in what we have and what we want from our present and future.. We need to realise that at times, the countless names written on wet sand, and the innocent dreams drawn on the beach are not going to stay there always, there is surely a wave which will come along the way and wipe away everything .. but at the same time.. it will also sweep you off your feet and take you to the middle of the ocean.. bring you closer to the dream you saw when you closed your eyes and let you loose yourself in the beauty of the seamless water.. because.. like a strong perfect relationship.. this water.. is flexible and adapts itslef according to the container you put it in.. it makes you calm, peaceful and forever beautiful.. It makes you the person you really are:).. it makes you fall in love with yourself again. and more than anything else it makes you do what you love doing...It makes you smile :)