Monday, November 30, 2009

Of Friendship

So how do two strangers become friends? Is it the frequency of their interactions.. or the common links which are woven? Is it the possibity of a beautiful tomorrow.. or the content of a happy today.. whatever it is.. its more vital on how we shape it.. because a new friendship is like fresh clay ..what defines its destiny is the way we mould it today..

Like it is said.. in most of the melodramatic Hindi movies. sometimes it takes ages to get to know a person.. and sometimes. it takes a couple of converstations to make them your best friend. It is important to cherish and nurture this friendship.. so that it grows into a stronger bond.. which is linked.. without an open end..

It is not important that two people interpret a thing in the same way, or like the same cuisine.. or enjoy the same genre of music.. or watch the same movies.. whats important is that.. you cook with a lot of affection, .. dance to the most boring song together and enjoy a bucket of popcorns watchingthe lousiest of flicks.. its the way you want it to be.. thats how it will turn out..

Its not a problem if we have built castles in the air..because now its time to put a strong foundation under it.. a lot of hope, apprehension, anxiety and dreams come with every begining, but if you support this with a strong cemented ground.. the tallest of skyskapers will stand with a promise of a hundred years.

Life moves on.. you encounter a different situation every day.. but what matters and keeps you going is the hand that holds you through your journey.. the step that steps on your footprints and walks you through verdant and barren lands... someone who brings a smile to your face even when you are in the most crucial situation or who just listens to what you have to say even if it makes no sense.. maybe its about giving in unconditional love and commitment to a friendship which makes it beautiful.. because we are not perfect people.. what matters is just what it takes to make a perfect realtionship..:)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do you have the power to Imagine?

How wild can your imagination get? I am sure this statement would have a different interpretation for every individual.. and that’s just what I want to elaborate.. our imagination can soar to a totally different tangent just by a thought or a mere mention of an unquestioned question.Thus, its potential remains unexplored most of the times.. and that is where we thwart our creativity.. who says only a few people have the power to give ideas or create magic.. I believe each of us has a thought process and perspective which if directed towards the correct destination.. will surely weave magic.. so lets all give it a shot!
This evening was quite interesting, with a series of events lined up for me.. it all started with an anti mosquitoes fumigation drive.. now.. that’s indeed a reason to be out of office before time.. A company named.. ‘All Out’ conducted this ritual in order to kill all possible traces of mosquitoes from our office.. Now that’s where imagination comes in! All Out… were they really referring to mosquitoes when they named the product? Maybe not!
Well, the so called eventful evening progressed to stage two.. My friends brother, who is a popular pop artist had his paintings lined up for an exhibition .. So I thought I might as well go and have a look and take a sneak peak into people’s psyche… This demonstrates my level of interference and concern for people J.. Well.. the exhibition was ‘creative’.. if I had to sum it up in a word.. but that is when I realized the potential of creativity and how differently each of us think… Each painting had a story to tell.. and as I looked at them intently and tried to interpret the varied depictions in the delicately blended strokes my eyes rested upon the label.. ‘ A work of art.. by mausimi Chatterjee.. Rs 1,00,000’ and that was something which struck me.. does every idea.. every artist and every piece of art come with a price tag? Who defined the worth of imagination? And who gave people the right to transfer ownership of an invention? Was it the sheer will to get some fame ? or the necessity of an artist.. or just a way of making a living.. maybe one of these.. but then.. none of these colour pallets.. or the canvas knew .. how expensive they had become with a dash of imagination thrown on them.. it was indeed mesmerizing to see.. hues of orange, black and green mix together like they originated from the same womb of an innocent mother.. it rather gave me a sense of recognition.. of belonging to a race which had the ability to create such delight.. I think..we all deserve a chance.. to let our imagination go wild.. so that we can also discover the artist within us.. and maybe that would make us a more complete individual.. who has the power to make another individual think.. or maybe just smile at the beauty of our creation.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What shape is our life?

Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'shape'? its not a square, or a rectangle, its something which is fuller, easier and more acceptable. Its a 'Circle'. I say acceptable, the law of nature ,a circle appears far more than a triangle or a hexagon for that matter. A circle is what almost everything derives its shape from, your eyes, your finger tips, your elbows.. or for that matter your heart.. and its stories as well.. which ranges from the ambitiously circular sun to the mysteriously circular moon.
But, from where this thought orginates is a pattern, which I have observed over a period of time.. a pattern, which roars up to a mighty curve, and drops down, like a blotch of dense paint over a dusty wall...where the downfall is predictable, evident.. yet upsetting and unwanted. But then again, every one knows that life comes a full circle.. if it starts up to go on .. to the mighty will have to come down.. not because it is the end of the road.. or the last paragraph of a highly engrossing novel.. but because.. it has to go back again and aim for the peak.. start again with a relevant motive and achieve a higher note.. with a higher aspiration.. Just like we want a higher bar graph line, in the next over when our country is playing against a deadly opponent in a cricket match.'
When..I started writing the post, my thought was much different from what it has turned out to be now.. I thought of putting the simple point across that when we approach a dark tunnel.. its not because we are walking towards the interior of the earth.. with a heavy baggage on our shoulder. which has nothing concrete to support our survival.. or where there is no light.. but we are just walking past a dark night which will eventually witness a bright sunrise..
SO stepping back may not always be a solution.. walking on towards a prettier coast is a better option... :) what say?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time to reinvent myself! yet again!

Life is ironical, so it is... even when you drown in the deepest of oceans, you eventually run out of the life within you.. but you rise.. you come up to the bosom of the warm water and then stay there.. So, what should I say? I drowned so that i could embrace the darkest of my fear of losing myself? Or I drowned because its not always easy to rise.. That question will bother me for sometime now.. What is more significant.. is to understand, why is this thought coming to my mind any ways? when I am sitting on my desk in office.. with a series of pending presentations waiting to be completed and a handfull of calls to be made? Wel, maybe because this feeling is taking over mypower of functioning.

Its not always like you think it is.. its not always a bouquet of praises you get and it is surely not easy to prove yourself.. at times.. all the time.. it is intersesting to know.. that at every phase in life.. you have to relive.. recreate and reinvent yourself.. to your teachers in school.. your friends in college.. your family at home and your seniors at work.. you start from scratch.. collecting the various attributes of your personality and packaging it to become the perfect resource for your organisation.. but its easier said than done.. its not a smile or a mail that does the trick ... it is what you finally you want that you are not left to being just an ID on the payroll against whoes name a figure in marked everyday.. and that is what determines your career.! but then.. that is how it is .. for everyone.... and so it was a slight jolt! but now that I know.. I try to make myself as productive as possible.. no ways do I want to become a liability Iv grown up.. worked hard to be what I am.. so I might as well retain it well!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reality Chek!

Like Aircel says, 'Its time to move on!' I do muster up courage and get ready to move on.. but everytime there are layers of emotions which envelope me. Starting from the thrill of taking up a new challenge to the apprehension of getting out of my comfort zone. From being a student.. to being an employee now, its a major transformation. Not just in my life pattern, Bank account but my way of life. The resposiblity factor drives my days now and the numbers hijack my sleep! The passion keeps me going.. but the initial hiccups give me a realtity check at times.. Its not as easy as I thought! But yea.. I give myslef the dose again.. Its time to pull up your socks.. your in the big bad world.. and there is no saviour here.. but U yourself!

and look Im talking brands now!:D

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A few last things!

The Nostalgia has been in the air for a while now.. Like everyone else, I have been noting the last few things that we will be doing together, Like the last day in class, the last presentation, the last time we all take a lesson and maybe the last time we all come together as the batch of 2009.
But, today, when one of my batchmates came and hugged me saying ,that 'this is probably the last time I am seeing you', the thought hit me harder! It is all indeed drawing to a close. There is a hollow feeling growing by the day as you bid adieu to people you have shared your life with, for the past two years.
I dread the day I will leave. The thought of seeing an empty cupboard, packed suitcases and a 'clean' room fills up my throat. Maybe I will never come back to this city, where I have spent some memorable moments. I am just trying to recollect them all and take them back with me.
Maybe I will never see some of these people again, as each of them embarks on a solitary journey where the thought of a random classmate will not live very long. I will never walk in these corridoors again with the same authority that I do today, never take walks in the campus at 2 am and maybe I will never get back this madness. But then, life usually does not give you so many choices. At times, you just have to hug all these memories and take them with you to the next destination...
Just wish to say a good bye and good luck to all the people I came across in these 2 wonderful years! Thank you everyone..Its indeed been a pleasure sharing some of the best moments of my life with you..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A step or two

You think and then think again. When the world stops for a second and you are pulled back into time, like a tornado of emotions gripping you by the arm, clutching your reluctant elbow and taking you back .. down memory lane.. where you giggle past every laughter like the butterfly that smiles over the sunflowers,wipe over every tear drop like the flowing trousseau of a bride walking down the aisle, eve drop at every secret we kept in the hollow nights and forbidden days and silently walk past every moment of nothingness.
I am being swept away with this tornado. Its taking me back to the past two years of my life. As I am stepping past something which I thought would be journey that would never end.. A quest for something I would never acheive or a battle against an opponent that never existed, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. I maynot detail out what it means to me.. but there has surely been a transformation. The 104 weeks have competently changed a naive.. protected girl into a somewhat mature individual, who is set to get what she wants in life.
The past 24 months have not just given me a direction, relationships, hope, a heartbreak, sensibility, maturity ,745 photograps but countless precious memories. From the sleepy mornings, to the hungry afternoons and drunk nights.. the days have been eventful.
I can look back and close my eyes as they well up with a tear or two.. but I do know,that I need to take a few more steps ..into another lane.. silent and undiscovered.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am a Dreamer!

I am a dreamer,
I dream all the way;
Be it the murkiest of night, or the brightest of day.
I dream like the birds, who wish to fly past the horizon,
I dream like the waves , who die against the tall dam,
I dream like the poor kid, who stands by the bakers shop.
Longing for the pie, over the oven top.
I dream, of the rainbow, I dream of the star,
I dream of everything close and all yet so far.

The winds change every hour and compel me to change my course,
The water over pours and tries to wash away the hope,
Yet, I stand so firm,
Living with a smile as strong,
With countless wishes, still unfulfilled
And a few more desires, to add to the bill.
All this ,makes up my little world,
Of sprints and tumbles ,both to stay,
Yes, I am a dreamer,
I dream all the way,
Be it the murkiest of night, or the brightest of day..