Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reality Chek!

Like Aircel says, 'Its time to move on!' I do muster up courage and get ready to move on.. but everytime there are layers of emotions which envelope me. Starting from the thrill of taking up a new challenge to the apprehension of getting out of my comfort zone. From being a student.. to being an employee now, its a major transformation. Not just in my life pattern, Bank account but my way of life. The resposiblity factor drives my days now and the numbers hijack my sleep! The passion keeps me going.. but the initial hiccups give me a realtity check at times.. Its not as easy as I thought! But yea.. I give myslef the dose again.. Its time to pull up your socks.. your in the big bad world.. and there is no saviour here.. but U yourself!

and look Im talking brands now!:D