Saturday, April 11, 2009

A few last things!

The Nostalgia has been in the air for a while now.. Like everyone else, I have been noting the last few things that we will be doing together, Like the last day in class, the last presentation, the last time we all take a lesson and maybe the last time we all come together as the batch of 2009.
But, today, when one of my batchmates came and hugged me saying ,that 'this is probably the last time I am seeing you', the thought hit me harder! It is all indeed drawing to a close. There is a hollow feeling growing by the day as you bid adieu to people you have shared your life with, for the past two years.
I dread the day I will leave. The thought of seeing an empty cupboard, packed suitcases and a 'clean' room fills up my throat. Maybe I will never come back to this city, where I have spent some memorable moments. I am just trying to recollect them all and take them back with me.
Maybe I will never see some of these people again, as each of them embarks on a solitary journey where the thought of a random classmate will not live very long. I will never walk in these corridoors again with the same authority that I do today, never take walks in the campus at 2 am and maybe I will never get back this madness. But then, life usually does not give you so many choices. At times, you just have to hug all these memories and take them with you to the next destination...
Just wish to say a good bye and good luck to all the people I came across in these 2 wonderful years! Thank you everyone..Its indeed been a pleasure sharing some of the best moments of my life with you..