Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do Wishes Come True?

Do wishes come true? Lets stop for a moment and think about this...

Well, they do! is what I would say and maybe you would too.. Sometimes, God surprises you and gives you everything you want at the blink of any eyelid and people would say.. OMG how lucky are you! Sometimes, God grants you what you want.. but maybe not the way you wanted it.. and sometimes.. he takes his time.. and people still say.. OMG! How lucky are you! oblivious of the million times you must have closed your eyes and prayed to him, of the several evenings.. you must have sat by your windowsill. looking at God's creation outside.. wondering how lucky the people on the other side of the glass are.. and asking yourself the same question I asked you before.. Do wishes come true? .. This seems to be a vicious circle of questions.. but the beauty of it lies in the fact is that you have the answer within them!

As I write.. I wonder too.. When was the last time I wished for something and promised GOD. that this will be the last time I wish for anything.. well, at least this thought brings a smile to your face...if you come to think of it.. If you don't wish.. then the excitement and thrill of life would fade away.. from wishing for a thing as petty as your pimple going away the next morning to meeting the Mr. Right at the prom the next evening.. these wishes are like clues in a Treasure Hunt Game.. You keep wishing, you keep finding clues to fulfil them and the future keeps unfolding.. making your life no less than a magical experience.. and guiding you to that Biggest Treasure..

Talking about biggest treasure.. Have you ever wondered what that treasure is? What is that one thing that you would wish for.. and then stop wishing as you would get it? What is that one thing you want before you end this maze of life? You would surely have more than one answer.. because even if today.. a dying man wishes for his life.. Tomorrow when his wish will be granted he will wish for a better life.. and if someone wishes for death.. tomorrow he will wish for salvation..

As you walk through the game of life.. and keep solving every hurdle.. you collect these treasures.. small ones, big ones, not so significant ones and then walk with them.. with a bright smile.. The truth is.. that when you reach the end of this will be time to quit the will see this big chest.. the Big Treasure.. and when you will open it.. you will be surprised to find all these small wishes and memories you collected over your journey sitting in there.. your childhood toys, christmas stockings,loving parents, friends, grade ten certificates, prom night pictures, first job letter, marriage pictures, kids, success appreciation letters, holiday souvenirs, grand kids pictures and bank account statements..:) that would be your big treasure.. because at that moment, when you sit down to browse through all of them.. you would answer my question and say! OMG.. thats what Iv always wished for...Wishes surely come true!!!

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